Self Motivation to Lose Weight in 2013

There are several reasons that motivates an individual to shed those extra kilos from the body. Some common reasons to get in shape are to achieve a healthier body and enhance one’s physical appearance. While most of us are initially very enthusiastic about losing weight, the self motivation decreases with every passing day. Self motivation and weight loss are inextricable. Without some healthy and occasional dose of self motivation, it’s difficult to keep yourself on track and monitor your growth and progress.

Motivating Yourself to Lose Weight
Man and woman are amazing creatures and if he or she decides, they can make a world of difference in their own life. How? Just by adopting positive thinking and an optimistic outlook towards life. Develop and keep your self motivation unwavering by following some simple tips mentioned further.

Know Your Why!
After your weight has become a concern for you, you’re ready to do something for it, before you turn diabetic or your family doctor warns you of some severe complications. Or may be you wish to lose some weight to look better, wear your favorite outfits and get the body you desire. Mind you, there are various reasons for you to lose weight. But all these reasons become extinct and your motivation drops once the weight loss regime starts. Reason? You forget why you want to lose weight. You need to ask yourself some questions about why you really want to lose your weight. Ingrain in your mind that you’ve got to lose weight for yourself, most importantly. Remember, ‘why’ is the foundation stone of your motivation. Be crystal clear about your goal for losing weight and you’ll never feel deviated from the path.

Enough of talking and thinking about healthy weight loss. Now, it’s the time to be in the battle and face the demons of laziness, discomfort and boredom. Muster all your faith and get connected to the determination that has been lying dormant in the heart. Yeah, it has been there. You must have always heard that small voice within you motivating you to lose weight. Create a game plan. It’s apt to join a gym as that will make you disciplined in the initial months. Make a journal and note all the important achievements, start dates, end dates for your workouts. Keep a note of what you’re eating, drinking and exercises you’re following. Being brutally honest and disciplined is difficult but it works wonders. I saw a magical result in the weight loss programs of one of my friends after she started noting everything about her weight loss experience and monitored her growth closely.

 Be Flexible
Self motivation for weight loss is more successful if you give some flexibility to your schedule. This means you can switch over to less strenuous activities on some day if you don’t feel like doing it or if you don’t have sufficient time at your disposal. Be flexible. Use the stairs instead of lifts to reach to your office floor, in case you missed some of your workouts for the day. This helps you to be focused around your objective. In case you miss a workout some day, try some relaxation and breathing exercises of Yoga and meditation. Hundreds of thousands of people have been able to benefit by Yoga.

 Commitment is Key
Your decision to lose weight is something that has stemmed from the bottom of your heart. Right? Then give your heart to it. There will be moments of isolation from your objective but don’t lose hope. Develop self-confidence to lose weight and gradually you’ll win over your limitations. Write your goals on footnotes and paste them on your toothbrush mirror, study desk, wardrobe, etc. Keep a reminder in your mobile phone and let it beep once everyday. Your subconscious will automatically direct your energies towards your objective.

Once you have generated sufficient self motivation, you’ll be able to win all odds in your way for your weight loss plans. But during all this endeavor, there will be frequent episodes of procrastination which you have to face bravely, reminding yourself about the mission again and again. So, relax now. Take a deep breath. And, get ready to lose weight without worrying about it. All the best!